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You know how to keep your business profitable. We know how to help your business navigate legal requirements and keep it out of legal trouble. At Hawash Cicack & Gaston LLP, our Houston business attorneys provide insightful, responsive, and intelligent legal counsel that prepares your company for virtually any legal complication that could arise and helps your business determine the right path when issues arise. Whether you run a small family business or act as the CEO of a corporation, you can benefit from our general counsel and representation.

To effectively run your business, you need to make sure that you comply with all federal and Texas laws and regulations, which impact all aspects of your company. Do not take yourself away from all the operation of your business to try to learn the nuances of business law yourself. Instead, contact us and know your business law issues are being handled professionally, correctly, and quickly.

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Businesses That Benefit from Legal Counsel

You might understandably wonder if your business requires the assistance of a professional Houston business lawyer at all. This question is common, especially among business owners of relatively small businesses or new startups. With a closer analysis of your business, its obligations, the contracts that keep it moving, and adjacent business entities like vendors or even competitors, we are confident that you will see that a business of any size and age can benefit from legal counsel.

We advise you to call (713) 589-7249 to learn more about legal counsel if you own or run a:

  • Local shop
  • Statewide business
  • National company
  • International corporation

Consequences of Not Having Legal Counsel

There is arguably nothing more important for your business than to keep it operational. No matter what product or service you offer, it will not mean anything if your company gets gridlocked due to legal issues, and you cannot run it like normal until those problems are resolved. But, if you try to handle a serious business dispute on your own, then inadvertently freezing your business’s operations could be exactly what happens as you encounter issues that could have been avoided with the help of a professional business lawyer.

Even if your business is able to continue operating during a legal dispute, there can still be many other damaging consequences, all of which become more likely if you progress the case without a business law attorney acting on your behalf. For example, damage to your business’s reputation can make third-party partnerships more strenuous or fall apart entirely, disrupting your supply lines, client lists, and so on. You might also run the risk of directly losing profit as clients and consumers go elsewhere after arguments and missteps that occurred during your case become public.

How Can a Business Lawyer Help You?

You should view the Houston business lawyers of Hawash Cicack & Gaston LLP as an extension of your business when you hire us to help with your case. We are completely comfortable with taking charge of the situation fully and ensuring all steps and processes of a case are handled correctly and in a timely manner, such as initial discussions with opposing parties, negotiations, and litigation preparation. But you can also come to us when you have general counsel questions or need legal advice as if we were part of your legal department. With this said, there is almost no limit to how our business lawyers can help you and your company stay on solid legal ground, so you can run things without worry.

Take the Direct Approach – Call Now

The goal of our Houston business lawyers is to help your business succeed and expand in the marketplace by minimizing or preventing as many legal issues as possible. With so many important legal decisions that can substantially impact the future of your business, you should work with an insightful lawyer who will give your situation the attention it deserves. Make the right choice right now and take tangible legal action to protect the business that you have worked so diligently to grow. Call (713) 589-7249, and stay focused on running your business.

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Texas Business Law Matters We Handle

Get Hawash Cicack & Gaston LLP on your side today. We are here to guide you through even the most complex legal issues and conflicts.

Businesses of all sizes in Texas can trust us to help with the following and more:

  • Business Entity Formation and Governance: Making the right decisions on business formation will save time and trouble in the future. Let us help you determine the best way to form your business and what type it should be, such as an LLC, sole proprietorship, or corporation. After your business is formed, we can help you make sure it is run correctly from a legal perspective.
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation: Smooth relationships with your customers and vendors depend on clearly drafted contractual agreements. Reduce friction with your customers and vendors and lessen the risk of contract disputes by having your business contracts negotiated and drafted with the assistance of one of our experienced business lawyers.
  • Contract Disputes: Contracts are the lifeblood of all businesses. As such, it might be no surprise that many business law conflicts originate around contract disputes. We can represent you whether you start the dispute or want to defend against accusations from another party.
  • Employment Agreements: You depend on your employees just as much as they depend on you. Keep your professional relationship lined up and stable with well-drafted employment agreements that consider each party’s best interests.
  • Intellectual Property: If your company is dependent on pieces of intellectual property to stay unique and therefore profitable, then it is crucial that you protect your IP using the right legal tools.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Few things can damage your company faster than inadvertently violating a legal or regulatory compliance requirementunder federal or state law. Make sure you have a compliance program in place that protects your company.
  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes: Are you worried that the future of your company could be damaged by a worsening dispute between partners, members, or shareholders? Talk to us to learn how to quell disputes professionally and while protecting your private assets and the company as a whole.
  • Trade Secrets: When your company has unique products, services, confidential information, or methodology that absolutely cannot get into the hands of competitors, it might be best to take the legal steps required to keep them a trade secret. When another company wrongfully uses your company’s trade secrets, we can help you stop it. If you or your company is accused of using another company’s trade secrets, we can help you defend your company.
  • Unfair Business Practices: Do you suspect a competitor is engaging in unfair business practices like false advertising or misuse of your trade name or trademark? Or have you been accused of such business wrongdoings? In either situation, we can represent and protect your company.

Business Law FAQ

What is commercial or business litigation?

Business law is the generalized term for any law and legal concern specifically involving businesses, companies, and corporations. Commercial litigation occurs when there is a legal dispute centered on business law that goes to court for litigation. For example, common causes of commercial litigation are contract breaches, business dissolutions, shareholder disputes, and fraud allegations.

Do you need to hire a business lawyer for a commercial litigation case?

You do not necessarily need to hire a business lawyer for a commercial litigation case, but it is absolutely a good idea in practically every case. Business disputes usually seem inconsequential at first, but they can rapidly entangle your business as the issue worsens. If you want to get matters under control quickly, then you should hire a business lawyer.

Will your business law case go to trial?

Most business owners assume that if there is a serious legal dispute that comes up, then they and their business are going to go to court to settle it. Although commercial litigation cases might imply that courtroom litigation is a must, this is not the case. Most cases are resolved with alternative methods before going to trial.

What is dispute de-escalation?

Dispute de-escalation is a legal service provided by business lawyers to help your company avoid litigation altogether. Using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like mediation and arbitration, even the most heated business disputes can often be resolved amicably and while protecting the client’s best interests.

Can you avoid litigation with a contract agreement?

Your business might be able to avoid commercial litigation based on the details in the related business contracts. Specifically, if there is an applicable forced arbitration clause, then it could mean that your dispute must be settled out of court and in arbitration, not litigation. This is why it is so important to work with a knowledgeable business lawyer when drafting and finalizing contracts of all types.

Can a business owner be ordered to pay damages caused by their business?

The outcome of commercial litigation might not impact just your business. Depending on the type of business entity you own, you could become personally liable for any damages, losses, or fines the company is ordered to pay. One way to avoid the risk of personal liability for your company is to establish a limited liability company (LLC).

Can I hire an attorney instead of making a legal department for my company?

Yes, hiring a business lawyer to act as general counsel for your company can be a valid replacement for an on-staff legal department. This substitution is particularly cost-effective for smaller businesses with low risks of financial conflict and liability if something does come up.

Turn to Hawash Cicack & Gaston LLP for Reliable Business Law Representation

Our goal is to help the business clients we serve succeed in the marketplace and expand their operations. With so many important legal decisions that can substantially impact the future of your business, you need an insightful lawyer on your side who will give your situation the attention it deserves. That is why our firm proudly utilizes our extensive resources to protect the legal and financial interests of business owners across Texas.

Let us walk you through each of your important business matters so you can make informed decisions. Call (713) 589-7249 to set up a case consultation today.

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