Building destroyed by high winds

Wind and Storm Damage Claims for Business Owners

Forecasters can predict when a severe storm or high winds may blow through, but even with the best-laid plans, business owners can be caught off guard if the damage affects their place of business. That’s why owners take out business insurance. However, it’s crucial for business owners to recognize what is and is not covered by insurance.

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What to Do Before Making a Claim

If your business was damaged due to a wind event or storm, it’s critical to take these steps before reaching out to your insurance company.

Review Your Policy

An insurance policy may not cover every natural disaster. Before filing a claim for wind and storm damage, make sure that your plan covers those kinds of damages. If you are in any area that is prone to wind and/or storm damage, it may be best to see what coverage your business is eligible for prior to any natural disaster.


This is a key factor for business owners who intend to make a claim. While it may be difficult to take documentation of the damage that occurred, this is an essential element when submitting an insurance claim.

Keep Records of Any Immediate Repairs

It’s important to keep records of any damages you paid upfront, especially if you intend to keep your business functioning before all damages are repaired. As a business owner, it’s critical to keep all receipts and other documentation regarding any emergency repairs that were made before consulting your insurance company so you can increase your chances of being reimbursed.

Is Your Insurance Company Denying Your Claim?

Often, insurance companies will deny a business owners’ claim after a natural disaster such as a wind event or storm. But do not fret — the team at Hawash Cicack & Gaston, LLP is ready to help you fight this denial with our experienced team. See how we have helped others and how we can help you during your time of need.

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