Row of businesses destroyed by a tornado

Why a Tornado Damage Claim May Be Denied

May is peak tornado season in Texas. Not only that, but on average, the Lone Star State has more than 130 tornadoes touch down each year. Business owners keep this factor in mind and should the worst happen, expect their business insurance to help recoup any losses. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Steps to Take Ahead of Time

Before making a business insurance claim, business owners should take steps to protect their property from the risk of tornado damage. This may include installing hurricane shutters, reinforcing the building structure, and other preventative measures. By doing so, business owners can reduce the likelihood that their insurance claim will be denied due to a lack of protection against tornado damage.

After the Storm

If a business suffered damage due to a tornado, it's important for the business owner to contact their insurance company as soon as possible to begin the claims process. Business owners will need relevant documentation on hand such as photos of the damage, repair estimates, and any other information that will support their claim.

Potential Roadblocks

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why an insurance company may try to deny a claim if a business suffered tornado damage. The most common reasons are that the insurance policy did not cover the damage or the insurance company felt that precautionary measures were not taken to prevent the damage.

Insurance companies may give various reasons for denying a claim, but the most critical factor business owners should keep in mind is not to give up hope. When working with Hawash Cicack & Gaston, LLP, our experienced insurance claims attorneys will work with you to investigate why your claim was initially denied and strategize how to appeal the decision. Our team has a successful track record of helping business owners during their time of need and we are ready to help you too.

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